Special Projects

national exhibition in HALL TIROL/austria

The project was concieved for “Landesausstellung”  Hall inTirol, Austria.
It was developed according to Via Lewandowsky’s scenographic designs as a “staged hotel” intended as an exhibition on the future of nature. In the rooms, garage, lobby, and safe deposit special stage prop-like objects were developed and manufatured.   Garage: a vertical suspension of a Steier-Puch car. Lobby: a chandelier of 10 lamps with 11 ball lights each. Safe Deposit: a locker wall of high-grade steel with 10 illuminated glass cabinet exhibit boxes.

artistic design concept:  Via Lewandowsky
development and production:
Lichtbau Schneider-Moll, Berlin

client: Kunsthalle Tirol Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H.  2005