Special Projects

Heads, shifting

The art installation is composed of 2 movable topographic models of identical androgynous heads which are constructed of aluminum frames cladded with fiberglass (a composite material of Epoxy and glass) with a white painted finish. A motion mechanism with 50 computer controlled step motors drives the individual topographic slices. The complex rotation machinery allows each slice to move independently of the other 23 plates in a cascading manner. The motion of the heads is programmed in imitation of a dialogue. The entire heads are placed on a stainless steel base. The project “heads, shifted” was developed for Humboldt University as a public art project.

artistic design concept: J.Guenschel and M.Smolka

development and production:
Lichtbau Schneider-Moll, Berlin

client: Humboldt University, Berlin  2008